About the Download

These presets were specially designed to give a warm, natural and cinematographic touch to your wedding, engagement or portrait photos ❤️🌿. You will also get a much more sharpen picture with this presets.

The pack includes 9 Presets (8 in color + 1 in B&W), specially designed having in mind different light conditions to maximized results: exterior light, interior light, direct light, backlight and sunset light.

All 9 presets are fully compatible with any version of Lightroom desktop and Lightroom Mobile. The pack includes:

– 9 Presets in Lr Template format for desktop
– 9 Presets in XMP format for desktop
– 9 Presets in DNG format for mobile
– User’s guide to help you install the presets.
– Compatible with both Windows and Mac as well as Android and iPhone.

This presets are ideal for photos taken with professional or mirrorless cameras, as well as mobile phone with good definition. Once the preset is applied on desktop, it is very important to check and correct the exposure and the white balance for a better result.
Please bear in mind that the final result will depend on how the picture was taken and the quality of the image itself. The final result may also vary depending on your monitor settings.
Although these presets were created from RAW format images, they will also work on JPG images with small color variations. The presets are 100% customizable.

You can contact us with any questions about the color or image quality.
Refunds are not accepted and its reproduction is prohibited.


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