About the Download

This set of 14 preset variations provides a high dynamic range, while boosting warmth and clarity, making for instantly captivating photographs. It is ideal for getting the most out of your natural light photos including landscape, nature, travel, and outdoor portraits.


4 HDR Presets optimized for RAW image files

4 HDR Presets optimized for JPEG image files

2 Radial Filter Presets that can be used in conjunction with all of the above presets to bring focus to your photograph’s subject

4 Color Calibration Presets providing a range of Orange & Teal intensity to give each individual picture the correct natural tones.

Tips for Use

  1. Choose one of the four presets from the RAW or JPEG folders depending on your image’s file type.
  2. Adjust exposure if necessary.
  3. If desired, choose one of the four Color Calibration Presets to add a natural warmth to the tonation of the image.
  4. Use one of the two Radial Filter presets and move it to draw focus to the subject of your image.
  5. Adjust sharpening, cropping, and profile corrections as normal.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your new beautiful photos!