About the Download

TRI-X Look Pack

The TRI-X Look Pack emulates the look of classic Kodak TRI-X black and white film. Easily distinguished by it’s high contrast monochrome look: deep blacks and bright highlights. The TRI-X Look will instantly add a dramatic look to any image.

  • High Contrast Monochrome Images
  • Highlight roll-off is optimized to give that film-look
  • Grain has also been carefully matched to closely match the look of true TRI-X film.
  • 3 individual presets allow you to vary the amount of film grain to suit each image.
  • Optimized for RAW, but works on both RAW and Jpeg images
  • Works on any camera make & manufacturer

Mobile Ready

Includes 3 DNG files that can be downloaded to your smartphone so that you can apply the TRI-X Look to your photos taken with your smartphone using Lightroom Mobile.

Video LUTs

Includes 3D LUTs (cube) so that you can apply the TRI-X Look to your videos as well! Just use any color grading plugin that allows 3D LUTs.