About the Download

The most realistic film grain effect was achieved using displacement mapping. This action set for Photoshop ensures that you get the texture and “grit” you expect to see from real film.

Options are included for Fine, Medium or Coarse grain.

Texture (Displacement Mapping)

If you want realistic film grain effects, you need to use displacement mapping. A film grain overlay will only look like film grain on top of a digital image. Displacement mapping creates texture by creating micro-distortions to the image based on the film grain. This gives the image an authentic look.

Grain Density

Another aspect of realistic film grain is that it affects highlights and shadows in different ways. Real film grain does not show equal amounts of grain in highlights and shadows. Highlights do not exhibit a lot of grain, whereas the shadow areas do. Our action set shows different grain density based on the different exposures in your image.

You can read more about this in my article on my website: Why Film Grain Effects Look Fake