About the Download

The look of the Leica M-Monochrom M9 and TYP 246 monochrome only digital sensor.

The M-Monochrome Lightroom preset gives you sharper images with high tonality combined with the iconic way the M-Monochrome captures mid-tones and highlights.

Characteristics of the M-Monochrome Lightroom Preset

  • Smooth transitions from dark to light
  • A wide dynamic range of gray tones

Details About the M-Monochrome Pack

  • Includes 4 presets for Lightroom
  • Compatible with RAW and JPG images
  • Instant download


This preset is also available as part of the Leica M-Looks Pro Bundle

The M-Looks Pro Bundle includes the 24 presets below:

Additionally, the M-Looks Pro Bundle also includes Photoshop with Adobe Camera RAW support, Lightroom Mobile support and Video LUT’s.

Check out the Leica M-Looks Pro Bundle here