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Adobe lightroom presets for MOBILE & DESKTOP !

5+ professional LIGHTROOM PRESETS filter for your photography.

These Lightroom presets Bundle were designed to allow you to edit your work with consistent tones, save a lot of time and give high creative looks to your photography. Each Lightroom preset has been crafted with care to look great with a wide variety of images, with just a single click.

You could finally achieve color grading with a professional look.

Our Moody Forest Presets will give to your photography a perfect finishing look. Moody / Outdoor / Travel / Matte / Film Look / Vintage / Smooth / VSCO INSPIRED

Including :


5+ Professional Ready to use Lightroom presets Compatible with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. (Includes .XMP & .LRTEMPLATES) One-click fully-automated Lightroom filters (no user input required) Fully adjustable Fully compatible with JPG and RAW Images Compatible with both a Mac and PC Support and advice for using this pack

You only have to adjust White Balance and Exposure to fit perfectly with you photo.


Including: 5+ Presets

  • Forest 1
  • Forest 2
  • Forest 2 variant
  • Forest 3
  • Forest 4
  • Forest 5
  • Forest 5 variant


Take importance to details and great finish

Our Products are Professionally made to guarantee you beautiful editing!

You could finally achieve your work with consistency and that professional look: Thanks to these presets you could use it as a starting point to develop your own unique style! Thanks to this package you could create series that look great together All of our products have been tested on a wide variety of photography: All with different Camera Brands, lights, exposure, colors etc. They are polyvalent and perfect for every picture

Take your photographies to the next level, being able to professionally edit your images: our Presets have been designed to give special mood, and achieve in only one click a professional and emotional look

Save time without losing quality: Give to your work that strong creative edge.

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