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Fuji Film Look Preset Bundle

Save money by purchasing the Fuji Film Look Bundle instead of each preset individually! The Fuji Film Look Preset bundle includes presets for the Fuji Astia, Fuji Provia and Fuji Velvia.

Fuji Astia Preset Pack

  • These presets are perfect for portraits and natural lighting scenarios due to the natural colors, wide dynamic range and highlight preservation.

Fuji Provia Preset Pack

  • The Fuji Provia Preset has remarkably accurate color reproduction with neutral tones and saturation. This look is extremely versatile and works well on nearly any photo.

Fuji Velvia Preset Pack

  • The Fuji Velvia look is well suited for landscape photography with its vibrant color and increased contrast and color saturation.

The Fuji Film Look Preset Bundle Includes:

  • A total of 6 presets
    • Fuji Astia Preset Pack (2 variations)
    • Fuji Provia Preset Pack (2 variations)
    • Fuji Velvia Preset Pack (2 variations)
  • DNG files for each preset for use in Lightroom Mobile

Bundle Highlights

  • These presets are designed to work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (ACR) Adobe Camera Raw.
  • You will also receive DNG files for each preset that will allow you to apply the looks in Lightroom Mobile.