About the Download

Cotton Candy Lightroom Preset

Sweet, soft, and creamy like spun sugar, this Cotton Candy Lightroom Preset adds a vibrant and playful feeling to your photos. We carefully crafted this preset to add drama to your photos while still keeping the look fun.

The Cotton Candy preset is great for fun portrait photos, especially when incorporating bokeh. The preset preserves realistic skin tones and gives you a vibrant image.

Preset Highlights

  • Blues are pushed toward teal
  • Yellow is pushed toward orange
  • Preserves skin tones
  • Works on RAW and JPEG/JPG files

The Cotton Candy Lightroom Preset Pack Includes:

  • Two sets of presets (for a total of 24 presets)
    • 12 preset variations set for ‘as shot’ white balance
    • 12 preset variations set for ‘auto’ white balance

Usage Tips

  • This preset really shines on photos taken during golden hour and night photos with colorful bokeh.
  • Each preset variation will result in a different look depending on the type of photo you start with.
  • Try each preset to get a general feel. Once you’ve chosen one, adjust the exposure slider to customize the look further.

Sample Images – Before and After Cotton Candy Preset

Photo courtesy of Shakib Ahmed