About the Download

Cinema Film Preset Pack and Video LUT (Arri Alexa Look)

Get the Cinema Film Look simulating the look of the Arri Alexa. The Arri Alexa and Amira are known for their amazing color science, dynamic range and smooth highlight roll-off. Your camera might not be the price of a luxury vehicle and have the 14.5 stops of dynamic range, but you can still emulate that highlight roll-off and get that big Hollywood film feel.

GH4 Vlog-L 10-bit recorded externally on Atomos Shogun. Footage by Nick Driftwood. Graded with GH4 Vlog-L to Alexa LUT + Cinema Film Video LUT.

Photo courtesy of Andy Heitz Photography

You will need to use a program such as DaVinci Resolve or ColorFinale for Final Cut Pro X in order to use these LUTS. These can also be applied to photos in Lightroom.

Preset Highlights

  • Designed for footage in Rec.709 and previously graded and color corrected video
  • Not for use on ungraded log formats
  • For ungraded log videos, use our Slog to Alexa for Sony Cameras and GH4 to Alexa LUTs
  • Smoother highlight roll-off
  • LUTs for video and Lightroom Presets for photos