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Canon 5D Mark III Look Pack – Skin Tones

The Canon 5D Mark III is used by professional photographers worldwide. The 5D3 is a popular choice for portrait, fashion and wedding photography because of how the resulting images render skin tones. Skin looks smooth, vibrant and full of life. Skin tones are part of our “memory colors” meaning that we can easily tell if an image is over-processed if skin tones do not look realistic. Canon has done a better job than most at creating the true to life skin tones we expect. This is true for a wide range of different skin tones.

Are you shooting with a camera other than a Canon 5D III and want to achieve those skin tones? You’re in luck. This preset has been tested with a wide variety of cameras and the results are impressive!

Preset Highlights

  • Adds vibrancy and life to skin tones
  • Optimized for RAW photos but will also work on JPEGs.

The Canon 5D Mark III Skin Tones Pack Includes:

  • Three presets to ensure you find one that meets your needs

Usage Tips

  • This preset really shines on portrait, fashion and wedding photos.

Here is an image from Shakib Ahmed taken with a Nikon D5100. See more of his work on his Instagram page @shakibahmed_.

Canon 5D III look applied to jpeg image from Nikon D5100.