Welcome to RAW Presets! There are three main steps to getting all set up.

Setup your Seller Profile

  1. After registering and logging in to your account at RAW Presets, navigate to the Seller Dashboard.
  2. Visit the Profile tab and ensure that you fill out all of the information.
  3. Add a profile image and profile background photo. A shop with more information instills confidence in buyers when making their purchases.
  4. Save your changes!

Add your first product

Note: Review the items below before starting the process of adding your product. You’re unable to save a draft unless all of the required items are filled out/uploaded.

Navigate to the Add Product tab and fill out the following information:

  1. Name of your product
  2. Description – Add a description for your product. Basic HTML formatting is accepted in this field. You can also add additional images here.
  3. Pricing and file upload
    • Suggested Pricing: One preset: $5; Pack (of 5 presets): $20; Bundle (25+ presets): $40-50.
    • If you have more than one preset, make sure to put all the files into a folder and compress the folder into a zip file.
  4. Upload a product thumbnail. This is the image seen in a grid next to all of the other items in the marketplace.
    • Recommended image size: 740px width x 600px height. 72 dpi and saved as a jpg. Max 1MB.
  5. Upload a Featured Image. This is the image seen at the top of your product listing behind the title.
    • Recommended image size: 1200px width x 270px height. 72 dpi and saved as a jpg. Max 1MB.
  6. Upload Preview Images. These are the main images shown for your item.
    • Recommended image size is 1000px width x 1000px height. Upload up to 10 images for your product. Max 2MB each. Accepts .jpg, .jpeg and .png files.
  7. Select your Item Type.
    • A Preset is a single preset
    • A Pack may include multiple variations of one preset
    • A Bundle is a set of different types of presets
  8. Number of presets. Enter the number of presets included in your product (ie, 2).
  9. Select all of the options that apply to your item:
    • File Type
    • Compatible Files
    • Compatible Software
    • Download Category

If you filled out all of the required information (marked with an asterisk *) but want to come back to it later, you can save it as a draft. If you’re ready to submit the product, click Submit! Your item will be held for moderation until it can be reviewed. This process will be quick and usually happen within a couple hours.

Share your store and items

Once your item is approved, it’s time to share your shop! The URL for your store is listed in the Dashboard tab of your Seller Dashboard. Make a post for Instagram, Tweet it out, share it on Facebook and any other social media accounts you have. The more eyes on your shop and product, the higher the earnings opportunity!

If you have have more questions, feel free to Contact us.