The Versatile OMNI Preset Pack for Lightroom

The Versatile OMNI Preset Pack Launches on RAW Presets The OMNI Preset Pack by ajdesign has just launched in the marketplace. This a set of 5 Lightroom presets that provides a soft look and feel with vibrant colors without oversaturated or harsh colors. These presets brighten shadows and gives you the ability to increase total […]

Pink Winter Blogger Lightroom Preset

Introducing the Pink Winter Blogger Lightroom Preset Add style and grace to your lifestyle blog photos and Instagram! The Pink Winter Blogger Lightroom Preset adds a slight pink and cool hue to your photographs. This preset is made for fashion bloggers and lifestyle websites that want to preserve realistic skin tones while adding a unique [...]

5 Things You Need to Recreate the Brandon Woelfel Look

Brandon Woelfel is a New York based photographer that has taken the photography world by storm. His unique style and has inspired many photographers to explore their own styles and light integration in their own work. Flashing those eyes like highway signs A repost of one of my favorite photos?? A post shared by Brandon […]

New Fuji Astia Slide Film Preset for Lightroom

The amazing Fuji Astia portrait film is back in Lightroom preset form with the Fuji Astia Lightroom Preset by Like a Look. If you shot with Astia in its film form, you know how well the color reproduction is and the accurate skin tone results. Look no further to recreate this timeless film look. This preset pack comes […]

Leica M Preset Bundle Emulates the Leica Look

  Just launched in the marketplace, the Leica M Looks Pro Bundle by Like a Look! This is a Lightroom preset bundle that emulates the look of photos taken with classic rangefinders such as the Leica M. This is a bundle of four preset packs for a total of 24 presets. It includes the following […]

Control Preset Strength in Lightroom with The Fader

If you’ve ever wanted to apply a preset but not necessarily at full strength, look no further. The Fader Lightroom plugin by Capture Monkey adds opacity control to your Lightroom presets. The Fader doesn’t modify any of your existing presets. Instead, it dynamically calculates new values and adjusts the sliders accordingly. The Fader plugin is available […]

Cotton Candy Lightroom Preset

New Cotton Candy Lightroom Preset Add a hint of sugary sweet and cream to your photos with the new Cotton Candy preset. This new preset has a unique look that makes photos vibrant with a fun feel. The Cotton Candy preset works on a multitude of photos but really shines with portrait pictures taken at [...]